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Updated: Oct 21, 2021

Dear parents,

The staff have been revising the anti-bullying measures with their class during September.

They will also teach the Stay Safe programme in Term 2 (Jan - Easter).

At assemblies, we reinforce this message to all children:

  • Be kind and be respectful to everybody.

  • If you have a problem that you cannot solve, get the help of an adult in the school.

  • If someone is being unkind to you, tell them to stop - that you don't like it.

  • If the person continues to be unkind, tell an adult and keep telling until it is sorted.

  • Tell as soon as you can as it can be difficult to get to the bottom of an incident if it is not reported to a staff member quickly.

As outlined in our policy, bullying is unwanted, negative behaviour (verbal, psychological or physical), repeated over time.

A once-off incident is not bullying.

Children, being children, make mistakes and often do not know how to handle situations.

For example, a child doesn't like it when the rules of a game change and then shouts at another child.

We try to teach them the skills to discuss how they are feeling about the rules change, and come to a compromise, rather than shouting.

Then we discuss how it made the other child feel and we learn to apologise and make up, and not to let it happen again.

Our priorities, when a bullying incident (repeated aggression) occurs are to:

  1. End the bullying

  2. Resolve and learn from the issues

  3. Restore the relationship (insofar as is practicable)

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