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Our School Uniform

The school uniform to be worn depends on the class and day of the week.

  • The formal school uniform is worn on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

  • The PE school uniform is worn on Thursday and Friday. Pupils taking part in a match can wear the PE school uniform that day.

  • Junior and senior infants wear the PE school uniform every day.

  • 6th class pupils can wear in the school fleece/hoodie if it has been approved by the school management.

  • Pupils receiving the sacrament of Confirmation must wear the formal school uniform. New jumpers can be borrowed for the ceremony if parents wish to do so.


The formal school uniform is:

  • Claret jumper

  • Navy and claret striped tie*

  • Navy trousers/pinafore/skirt (knee length)

  • Formal white shirt or white polo shirt


Please see the photo opposite for further clarity.                 


The PE school uniform** is:

  • White polo shirt

  • Plain navy tracksuit bottoms

  • Plain navy tracksuit top

  • Plain navy shorts (mid-thigh length and loose-fitting)

  • All items should be free of advertisements and logos (e.g. Adidas, Puma, Nike, etc.). This is to keep down the cost for parents as branded items are usually much more expensive.


Please see the photos underneath for further clarity.


* The tie is worn with the formal shirt. The tie does not need to be worn with the polo shirt.


**When the weather is warm, children can wear navy shorts instead of the navy tracksuit bottoms. They can also wear in the white polo shirt without the tracksuit top.

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