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Student Council

St. Joseph’s NS/SN Seosamh Naofa holds that the pupils should play an active, positive role in the life of the school and we believe that our student council helps to achieve this. 


Our school’s student council is comprised of two representatives (one male, one female) from each class from second to sixth.  The council meets the principal at intervals throughout the school year.

In September, each class elects new members to represent them on the student council. Each class elects two members, one male and one female.The pupils elected are required to be actively involved in the Council, to attend meetings regularly and participate in activities and be a role model for other pupils.  As well as bringing matters to the council for discussion, the representatives are required to report the outcome of meetings to their own class and occasionally to other younger classes.  Each year the council decides, under the guidance of the principal, on its own hands-on activities

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