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Board Games 1

Dear parents,

Board games can be a great way to learn and reinforce maths and strategy skills.

A board game in real life is superior to online games because of the oral language and interaction possibilities.

But if you don't have the game, or someone to play with, an online game is a good substitute.

  • Battleship - - lots of logic, grid coordinates, maths, etc.

  • Ludo, Frustration, etc. - counting, strategy, etc.

  • Monopoly - counting, money, strategy, etc.

  • Cluedo - logic, prediction, counting, turn taking, etc.

  • Scrabble - making words, strategy, counting scores

  • Guess Who - language, logic, visual discrimination, etc.

I haven't included chess or draughts as I will return to them in the future.

Slán agus beannacht,

Mark Kelly, príomhoide.

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