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Cycle Safety Course

The children in 5th class are doing a cycle safety course. It is part subsidised by the Green Schols organisation and An Taisce.

The children will learn about the following:

  • Bicycle maintenance – how to know when the bike needs attention, how to identify the bike parts, and a practical exercise in setting up the bike properly

  • Helmet wear and correct fit

  • Clothes on a bike, how they help, how they hinder

  • Weather and environmental considerations

  • Core bike-handling skills

  • Shoulder checking and signalling

  • Starting position and safe stopping

  • Left turn, major to minor road

  • Left turn, minor to major road

  • Right turn, major to minor road

  • Right turn, minor to major road

  • Correct positioning on the road

  • Overtaking parked cars etc.

  • The lifesaver look (the final extra check before a manoeuvre)

Sessions also include elements of theory, and rules of the road incorporating signs and crossings, with fun and skills incorporated.

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