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Write a Letter to a Grandparent/Gfriend

Dear parents,

A lot of grandparents and grandfriends are now self-isolating in order to keep safe.

Why not ask your child to write them

a letter or email? You could email it, post it or drop it in their letterbox.

Younger children can dictate the words to a parent who can then type them or write them. But get them to write a few words or sentences, depending on ability. The child can then draw and colour a picture.

Older children can do it themselves. Focus on interesting words and phrases. Be

entertaining! Lots of news!

When they're finished, ask them to check for full stops and capital letters. Then read it back to them and decide on any changes that need to happen.

Finally, a nice picture to finish. If using email, take a photo of the child's picture and attach it to the email.

Click on the link below for information, activities and a quiz about the journey of a letter:

Click on the link below if you would like more information about writing letters:

Reminder of earlier emails (go the school blog to see more details

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  • Scratch coding

Slán agus beannacht,

Mark Kelly, príomhoide.

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